Susana Kaiser


I offer Coaching and Soul level reading and clearing to women, who want to be financially independent, making money doing something they love. This may include a Soul level reading for a partner and or child(ren) and/or a relationship reading for an important relationship.

I am a certified Awakening Coach, a certified SoulRealignment™ Practitioner, a Fashion- and Textile- Designer, an Adventurer and an Alchemist.

Ever since I was a teen I wanted to make a difference, do something that matters and affects others and this planet in a positive, creative, healing way, so that life can get even better here, more harmonious, less suffering, more joy.

For years I participated in many seminars and workshops, that taught me how to cause breakthroughs in my own life.

I was very skeptic of anything psychic or intuitive for the first half of my life until I discovered while giving therapeutic massages, that I could just let my hands be guided by my intuition.

Eventually I gave up my Massage Practice and went back into a computer job, expecting my world to become completely logical again. Yet I found, that divine guidance was now showing up in all parts of my life. I noticed, that every time I listened to it, something positive happened (for all concerned), so I started trusting it and trusting that the intention behind it was good.

Then I took the Awakening Coach training and got back in touch with doing what presents, a way I had been living most of my life since I became an adult. Over the next few years I learned more and more ways to tap into my inner guidance.

Next I stumbled across an advertisement for the Soul Realignment™ training, and following my divine guidance, I signed up for it with no idea, what it was about. During the training I was amazed at everything I was learning.

Once I finished the training, I gave myself a reading and after about 5 years of not being able to move forward with Fashion Design or with Coaching, I got started with both.

Now I live my life following my joy and my guidance.

Susana's Purpose

Looking past what people have accomplished and how they are today, Susana has a tendency to look at people's potential and wants to help them bring it out.

Susana's schooling:

Susana is a certified Awakening Coach and Soul Realignment™ Practitioner.
She has also participated in many transformational seminars and workshops by Landmark Education.

Aside from that she has studied Usui Reiki, Soaring Crane Qigong and Hatha Yoga and practices them frequently.
Her first love was dancing and she has studied many different styles (from Ballroom to Ballet, Jazz, Improvisation, Argentine Tango, Country Western to Contact Improv).
She has had a keen interest in all kinds of alternative healing therapies and has learned a lot in the 30 years that this was her main hobby.
And last but not least she has studied Computer Programming and worked with it for over a decade, and discovered her passion for Fashion Design later in life and now designs clothing and purses and also does some Textile Design.