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Advanced Readings

It is recommended that the client have had at least one SoulRealignment™ before ordering one of the following readings

Property Clearing - $60+ (Pre-Requisite: 1 SoulRealignment™ unless it's a new property you are buying or moving to or a rental property, which you own and is currently not rented): Clear the energy of your home and raise it's vibrations once you have cleared your own blocks. Feel more comfortable and at peace in your home Read more...

Life Situation Reading - $147: In a Life Situation Reading you can get an energetic perspective to what is going on, find out what causes are contributing to it, and how you can clear those.

Spirit Guide Profile Reading - $147: Find out, who your Spirit Guides are. We each have about 4 - 6 Spirit Guides, which we have had since our childhood. Find out each Spirit Guide's role in assisting you in your life!

Life Lessons Reading - $97: Look at which aspects of the life lessons (which were chosen by your Soul) you are currently exploring in every area of your life, and then you can make adjustments, where your results are not what you want.

Chakra Analysis - $47: Look at every chakra and see, where you need to adjust your feelings, actions or thoughts to bring them into balance. Read more...

Relationship Reading - $147(if at least one person has had a Soul Realignment™): A Relationship Reading can be done for you and your partner or you and your child or you and a friend, or even a relationship you had in the past, that still upsets you, any kind of relationship. It can be a two-sided relationship reading, meaning the reading is done with the two people present on the call, we find out on both sides, what blocks are present, what affects the relationship, what karma you have together. Or it can be a one-sided relationship reading, meaning we find out only how you relate to the person, what is blocking you in the relationship and what does the relationship support you in.

For a repeat Soul Realignment™ (without Soul Profile, this can be done 6 months after your SoulRealignment™ and every 6 months after that) $150.

Email me at honeyfeelgood [@] to schedule any of these readings or schedule a complimentary phone conversation with me, so we can go over what is going on for you and see, if I can combine readings for you to look at all the different aspects of your concern or questions.


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