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Property Clearing

A property clearing is a clearing of the energies on a property. Sometimes bad energy lingers, after a neighbor has been upset with someone in the house. Sometimes there is residual negative energy in the house from the people who lived in it before us. Some properties were built on battlegrounds or burial grounds. Sometimes spirits of the ones who died there are still around.

If properties have negative energies, it can have an effect on the people living there or on people considering buying it.

A property clearing can be done for the home, for which you are currently financially responsible, whether you are renting or owning it. However, if you own a rental property and a renter is currently financially responsible, the renter would have to request the Clearing.

We are attracted to properties, that have similar energy to us. So, once you have had a Soul Realignment™ and your energy is cleared, it is sometimes a good idea to clear the property also.

Benefits of a Property Clearing

  • Having your home cleared can help you feel more comfortable and peaceful in your home.
  • If you are trying to sell a home and everything seems to be great about the house, including the price, and yet no one is buying, it can sometimes be due to energetic problems with the property and a clearing may then resolve the negative energy that kept people from buying it.

What does a Property Clearing include?

  • I find out what negative energies are affecting your property and clear them.
  • I then give you a reading of everything I found.

The price for a Property Clearing is $60 for a small to medium size family home up to 3 bedrooms or 2000 square feet. Anything larger may occur an additional fee.