Relationship Reading

A Relationship Reading can be done for you and your partner or you and your child or you and a friend, or even a relationship you had in the past, that still upsets you, any kind of relationship. It can be a two-sided relationship reading, meaning the reading is done with the two people present on the call, we find out on both sides, what blocks are present, what affects the relationship, what karma you have together. Or it can be a one-sided relationship reading, meaning we find out only how you relate to the person, what is blocking you in the relationship and what does the relationship support you in.

If you have not had a SoulRealignment™ yet, then this will include your (and if two-sided, also your loved one's) Soul Profile. It will not include the basic general blocks, that we would discover in a SoulRealignment™, only the relationship specific blocks.

The price for a Relationship Reading is $225.

Please contact me at honeyfeelgood [@] to schedule a reading.