Soul Realignment™

Do you want to do something meaningful and purposeful and haven't been able to move forward with it, because you are either

  • not quite clear on what it should be? or
  • you are stuck somewhere and every time you try to move forward you hit a wall or spin in circles. Something seems to be getting in your way or not wanting to let you succeed?

A Soul Realignment™ might be able to help you move forward, get clearer on what you want and what works for you and be able to take the next step.

What is a Soul Realignment™?

A Soul Realignment™ is an intuitive reading and clearing, which helps to realign your soul back to how it was when it was first created and everything was intact and perfect.
I identify, what is currently blocking you and how those blocks were caused. Together we clear those blocks. A part of that reading is also to tell you characteristics of your soul.

Benefits of a Soul Realignment™

Understanding who you are at Soul Level

Your soul profile will tell you, who you are at soul level, it will give you some of the characteristics of what works for you and what doesn't. If you focus living true to who you are, you will have a better chance at being successful and fulfilled in life.

What is blocking or restricting you from living your divinity, shinging your light bright?

Blocks and Restrictions show you what is in your way of living your gifts fully. Realizing, what caused them can allow you to stop creating new blocks in the future.

We also clear your current blocks and restrictions allowing you to move forward with more ease.

What does a Soul Realignment™ include?

For a Soul Realignment™

  • I find out, who you are at soul level and what blocks and restrictions are currently affecting you,
  • then I give you a one hour reading of the information I found out about you and how your past choices are affecting you in your life now
  • and we both clear those blocks and restrictions.
  • I email you your homework and a link to the recording of the reading.

The price for a Soul Realignment™ is $190.

For a repeat Soul Realignment™ (without Soul Profile, this can be done 6 months after your SoulRealignment™ and every 6 months after that) $150.


Do you want to become a SoulRealignment™ Practitioner?

If you are interested in becoming a Soul Realignment™ Practitioner yourself, click here.