Soul Realignment™ for Teens

Give your teen the best start!

Give your daughter or son the best start, by clearing blocks and restrictions they may have and finding out, who they are at their soul level, so you can best support them in living their divinity, shining their light, bringing out the best in them.

I recommend, that a parent have their Soul Realignment™ done before having their teen's done,so that they understand, what is involved.

How is a Soul Realignment™ for a Teen done?

The parent decides, whether the reading should be done solely to the parent or to parent and teen together or just to the teen. The homework can be done by the parent or by the teen. Aside from that, a Soul Realignment™ for a teen is exactly the same as that for an adult. Read more about Soul Realignment™ here...

The price for a Soul Realignment™ Reading for a teen is the same as for an adult: $190.